Web designer in Wollongong

Do you have a website? If no skip down to 1A.

Lets evaluate your website;

1. Have you looked at all your web pages on an Ipad, Desktop, Iphone & Samsung phone? This is a great way to make sure your website adapts to all commonly used devices.
Mobile optimized websites are a must in 2016 as mobile internet use surpassed desktop internet usage in late 2015, this is not surprising considering the leaps and bounds smart phones have made in the last 3 years.
People love convenience thus if you want to compel your prospects into doing business with you, making it simple and convenient is the first step. Contact us today for a free online presence health check to see how your website is tracking against other industries and competitors.

1A. Considering a website? Research is essential to finding a website design that suits both you and your demographic.
Here’s some tips when considering website styles and designs;

* Search for other relevant business websites, navigate through them on a desktop and phone, take notes on your favorite website layouts and note the features you would like your new website to have.
* Ask for opinions of friends and family on different designs.
* Think about three products or services you want your business to thrive in – Gear the site around this
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