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How is your business location looking? How long have you been at this location? Would a modern revamp/rebrand of your signage improve the feel of your business?

Innovative Signage in Wollongong

Choosing the best standout signage for your situation will help you create strong brand awareness and product identity. Choice of the right material, scale, dimensions, visibility and style of signage is paramount to creating a unique feel to your business. It is the unique flare that can set your business apart from the rest. When our team first comes onsite we take fresh eyes over the business and give sound recommendations as to the best options to cut through to your target audience.  We concentrate on assessing how your consumers respond to particular signs and design executions in a way so that it can leave a lasting first impression on them. We have completed many unique signage projects in Wollongong and Sydney and look forward to hearing from you to learn about your branding and signage needs.

Can cars see your business from the road?

These questions are good to ask yourself when considering outdoor signage, it is very important because people could be driving past your location so you want them to get a good first impression of your brand. We have experience in all kinds of signage design and install including hard access, installing signs above 11m in height, EWP’s, Knuckle boom lifts and access around power lines. We provide a prompt service, use a qualified Sign Writer plus all our work is insured and guaranteed.

We can help with:

Aluminium frame, AC panel, metal, wood, vinyl, perspex and plastic, glass printing and window signage
Blow moulded signage
Kedar edge signs – Sail track banner
Light boxes and illuminating signs
A-Frames and mobile banners
Digital signage
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